Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sustainability: the capacity to endure

Often times when we speak of sustainability we conjur up images of the environment. When my husband and I hear this word, we think about our kids and how they can achieve this type of self sufficiency in their lives to the best of their own abilities. So many times people tell us, Dont worry about your kids future, they will be fine, they are doing so great. We know this is meant well, but it isn't worry that motivates us to teach our kids this lesson, it's a reaslitic approach to a very real issue. The rate of Autism has sky rocketed. We know there is no government organization that would be equipped to deal with the freight train that will be hitting over these next few years as children with autism are turning 18 and needing real life assistance to hold down jobs and recieve the care that they may need once parents and family are no longer around or able to assist.

Its not a fear, its our duty as parents to best equip our kids to sustain themselves for their future. We have always loved the idea of kids in nature, this is why we utilize a service dog and work with her using animal assisted therapy. Kids with autism need much earlier on to learn the basics of self management regarding time and organization in their routines. These 2 videos shows a lot of these ideas manifested in a real workable situation.

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